Bobby’s Vision For Destin

I’ve called Destin home now for nearly 17 years, and over that time here as a student, a business owner, a Non-profit Director, and a Destin City Councilman, I’ve learned that my desire to know and serve my community will only grow.

My vision, as Mayor of Destin, includes revitalizing Main Street, Morgan Sport Center, and Mountain Drive for the Destin Residents. Revitalizing through beautification and smart development in order to keep Destin a safe and community oriented place for families and businesses alike. I see pathways that lead to parks for our residents to reconnect to nature and each other. I see our city using technology and innovation to revive our infrastructure to help local businesses to thrive. I see a harbor district that preserves our heritage and reflects our values. I see our natural resources becoming more available to those of us who love and live on the Emerald Coast.



  • Commercial beach chair vendors need stronger regulations and permitting in order to protect public beach access.
  • Short-term rentals need enforcement and accountability, with a focus on parking regulation and holding the business owners accountable.
  • Current beach acquisitions needs to be completed and future public beaches need to ONLY occur through willing sellers using TDC dollars.


  • Derelict vessels need to be removed with updated city code and harbor safety needs to be enforced.
  • Our public beaches need to be improved by building public bathrooms and additional parking.
  • Short-term rentals need enforcement and accountability, with a focus on parking regulation and holding business owners to Destin standards.


  • Main Street needs to be revitalized and become the heart of Destin.
  • Morgan Sports Center needs new facilities to accommodate Destin’s growth.
  • Destin infrastructure needs improvement; roads, sidewalks, stormwater drainage, and under grounding of utilities.

Vote Bobby Wagner for Mayor of Destin on November 8th, 2022, and together we can see to it that our beautiful home of Destin flourishes for years to come. Click to learn more about Bobby’s Qualifications for Mayor.


re•vive | re’vīv | verb – To restore life or consciousness.

Bobby’s goal is to revive and restore our community, our connectivity & our vision to create the Destin of tomorrow.


re•claim | re’klām | verb – To retrieve or recover (something lost, given, or paid).

Bobby’s mission is to reclaim our parks, our beaches & access to the bay so that locals can enjoy Destin’s natural beauty.


sus•tain | se’stān | verb – To maintain at a certain rate or level; to avoid depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Bobby’s passion is to sustain Destin’s heritage, our natural beauty, and our future.

Who is Bobby Wagner?

Bobby Wagner’s roots run deep in Destin’s community, from owning a small business, directing a non-profit, and serving in local government.

In addition to currently being a Destin City Councilman, Bobby is also a member of the Okaloosa County League of Cities, Destin Representative for Florida League of Cities, and Emerald Coast Regional Council. His involvement will help him relay citizen needs and find the best resources and opportunities for the people of Destin.

With over 10 years experience of owning and operating Land Air Sea Productions in Destin, Bobby has a unique insight into helping small businesses thrive in Destin.

Networking is more than business for Bobby, it is about finding a place of service in the community. Bobby is Executive Director of the non-profit Trees on the Coast, an organization that has planted 567 trees, collected over 5,000 lbs of trash, and organized 100s of volunteers.


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