Aug 19, 2022 | Family & Education, Opportunities, Recreation & Environment

Morgan Sports Center
I’m addressing this once and for all: I wholeheartedly support the expansion of Morgan Sports Center to included facilities for our Destin High Schoolers!

Morgan Sports Center is the hidden gem of Destin, and it provides citizens with beautiful outdoor green space and recreation facilities in the middle of our city. As the Destin community grows, Morgan Sports Center will build new facilities to accommodate the changing needs of our athletes and families.

Destin High School was the effort of the whole village of Destin, and I believe they deserve to have a home field for the sports facilities. Space acquired by knocking down and relocating the old and outgrown Annex building would make way to give our Destin high schoolers a home-field advantage. GO SHARKS!

Commons drive, which connects MSC to Destin High School, will be redone into a two lane road with a shared middle turn lane with pedestrian friendly paths on the side. This gives our students a perfect ½ mile track from Destin High School to MSC.

P.S. I’m not forgetting about my pickleball-playing-people out here! Pickleball is the country’s fastest growing sport, and Destin is no exception. I also support building new pickleball courts that would allow for competition hosting, increased sports tourism, and more FUN.

At the end of the day, Morgan’s Sports Center is here to serve our needs and give Destin a place to play and compete. Lets grow it together!