Aug 19, 2022 | Community Safety, Opportunities

Highway 98
I’m not trying to shy away from trying to solve some of Destin’s most difficult problems, one of which is definitely our Highway 98.

This dangerous road, referred to by many as “bloody” 98, has areas in Destin that are twice as likely to have crashes, collisions, and fatalities compared to anywhere else in Florida. And it runs right through the middle of our City!

In 2016, I was in a crash so bad on 98 that I was ejected from my car, so solving this issue is very personal to me. We’ve had enough accidents, its time to start building safer and smarter.

It will take a multi-faceted approach that could involved strategic red light cameras, rerouting traffic to other roads, and creating easier/safer ways to navigate Destin without a car. Red light cameras would only be placed at strategic dangerous intersections, around 3 in the most pedestrian-trafficked areas.

We all know this area needs to be made safer for our families, children, community, and visitors, so let’s come together and figure this one out!