Jimmy Buffett

“In my family and friends I have discovered treasure more valuable than gold.”

Harbor district

The Harbor District in Destin is a hub of heritage and history for our community, and it is also where our tourists learn about our gorgeous fishing village. Bobby’s vision for Destin includes building a Destin’s Fishing History Museum where visitors can learn more about Destin’s history and how they can help protect our beautiful beaches and coastal ecosystem.

Maintenance of our waterways is a key part of keeping Destin thriving and beautiful, so part of Bobby’s vision is to build strong relationships and ongoing dialogue with local business to achieve environmental goals without limiting business or implementing mandates.

Vehicle and boat parking is a huge desire in the Harbor district, and building a new garage and marina would help to alleviate these issues while providing key income for the City to revitalize different areas and raise the quality and standards of Destin. Bobby wants to have community input before anything is decided.