Jimmy Buffett

“If there’s a heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached.”

Main Street

Bobby’s vision for Main Street is having it be the heart of both community and government in Destin. Many of Destin’s old government buildings, such as the community center, are on the brink of disrepair and need to be rebuilt.

Main street would become the new central hub for the community, achieved through private-public partnerships to introduce businesses, residential areas, as well as a landscaping and beautification project of the street that would include pedestrian friendly paths. The exact ratio of private business, public spaces, and government buildings are still up for discussion, and we need your help to make Main Street the true heart of Destin. Have your voice heard and join our upcoming visioning workshop for the area.

The Linear Parkway Easement Project would create a main channel to direct pedestrian and bicycle traffic off busy roads while creating critical green space and wildlife habitat in the heart of Destin. This project will need community input to succeed. To register for the upcoming visioning session, click get involved below.