“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not fighting the old, but building the new.”


Love Destin? Want to know more? Want to help? You are in the right place!

Through networking and collaboration on all levels of government; county, state, and federal, Bobby will work to secure funding and grants to rebuild Destin infrastructure and support other city projects.

With his involvement on councils and groups at each level of government, Bobby will seek out the best possible opportunities and resources for his community and for the City of Destin.

Bobby concentrates his efforts on smart and sustainable development in order to raise the standard and quality of living in the city of Destin. Bobby believes in private-public partnership to collaborate on the beautification, accessibility, and connectivity of Destin sidewalks, commerce and residential areas, parks, and streetscapes. He is always looking for ways to expand and elevate the city of Destin.

Bobby will ensure that both residents and visitors enjoy a thriving vibrant future and a higher quality City of Destin.

View revitalization focus areas below.

Village of Destin

The Village of Destin deserves a strong vision for those who call it home, including Bobby himself. Bobby’s vision for the Village of Destin includes creating a more pedestrian and bike friendly community through a variety of projects... Read more.


For those who live within and love the City of Destin, but reside in the many unincorporated areas of the community such as Regatta Bay or Kelly Plantation, your voice matters... Read more.


The Harbor District in Destin is a hub of heritage and history for our community, and it is also where our tourists learn about our gorgeous fishing village. Bobby’s vision for Destin includes building a Destin’s Fishing History Museum... Read more.


Bobby’s vision for Main Street is having it be the heart of both community and government in Destin. Many of Destin’s old government buildings, such as the community center, are on the brink of disrepair... Read more.


Morgan Sports Center is the hidden gem of Destin, and it provides citizens with beautiful outdoor green space and recreation facilities in the middle of Destin. As the Destin community grows, Morgan Sports Center will need to accommodate... Read more.

Holiday Isle

Bobby’s vision for Holiday Isle is one that serves both its long term residents and it’s visitors by raising the quality and standard of the Coty of Destin. Key issues include addressing non-compliant short term rental properties... Read more.

Crystal Beach

Bobby’s vision for Crystal Beach is one that serves both long-term residents and visitors by raising the overall quality and standard of the City of Destin. High quality public beaches should be freely available and accessible for all... Read more.

Who is Bobby Wagner?

Bobby Wagner’s roots run deep in Destin’s community, from owning a small business, directing a non-profit, and serving in local government. 

In addition to currently being a Destin City Councilman, Bobby is also a member of the Okaloosa County League of Cities, Destin Representative for Florida League of Cities, and Emerald Coast Regional Council. His involvement will help him relay citizen needs and find the best resources and opportunities for the people of Destin.

With over 10 years experience of owning and operating Land Air Sea Productions in Destin, Bobby has a unique insight into helping small businesses thrive in Destin.

Networking is more than business for Bobby, it is about finding a place of service in the community. Bobby is Executive Director of the non-profit Trees on the Coast, an organization that has planted 567 trees, collected over 5,000 lbs of trash, and organized 100s of volunteers.


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