Margaret J. Wheatley

“There is no power for
change greater than a community
discovering what it cares about.”

Village of Destin

The Village of Destin deserves a strong vision for those who call it home, including Bobby himself. Bobby’s vision for the Village of Destin includes creating a more pedestrian and bike friendly community through a variety of projects.

Creating new and beautiful bike and pedestrian friendly paths, such as the Cross-Town Connecter project, would link key parts of the community and provide green space for families to recreate and enjoy. The Cross-Town Connecter would feature a calm two-lane road with beautiful parks on either side.

New paths for biking and walking would allow for community events from 5k runs to slow rides. Safer pedestrian crossing and traffic calming would keep our community safer while calming through traffic. These projects, like the Cross-Town Connector, need the input of the community before they can proceed properly. To register for the upcoming visioning session, click get involved below.